About Me

Hello and welcome to Nerdy Anney! I am a student, wife, and mother of two currently living in Seattle, born and raised in Michigan. Now a thirty-something mom with kids about to both be in grade school, I am (more than I can fully describe in mere words) ready to rejoin the adult world, I have begun studying in the realm of Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Economics. My studies have hugely informed every area of my life and understanding of human behavior, and I am so excited to share my ideas about how they relate to many various aspects of style, thrifting, personal finance, lifestyle, and creativity, combined with my general passion for the importance of conscious, deliberate thought in all things!

(*Note: If you want to know my ‘official credentials’–and you should always question the validity of your source!–I have a BA in English from the University of Michigan, and I have also recently completed most psychology undergraduate degree course requirements in order to apply to PhD programs in Cognitive Psychology this coming winter. Since February of 2019, I have been a Research Assistant in a Cognitive Psychology lab at the University of Washington studying decision making under uncertainty. You can decide for yourself if my background is sufficient to trust what I say is correct, but no matter what, always stay skeptical of your sources!)